We have two very different nature trails at Redwood Valley. Both take around 20 minutes at brisk walk but we recommend a slower pace to really appreciate your surroundings and the plant and wildlife you will encounter.

The first trail follows the perimeter of the ancient woodland, then heads into the heart of the wood where you find yourself surrounded by enormous oaks. Here you will see numerous other native tree species including beech, ash, willow, holly, birch and lime, as well as a magnificent cedar of Lebanon. Along the way, you will encounter woodland plants such as wood anemones, wild garlic and bluebells.

The second trail starts by moving from Wales into England by crossing the brook then heading up a hillside of Douglas fir trees, interspersed with sycamore, willow, yew and elm. The path then descends through a wildflower meadow, back across the brook into Wales and past our mighty redwood to the yurts. As well as a profusion of flowers, the meadow is an excellent place for spotting butterflies.

Find out more about nature and biodiversity at Redwood Valley on our About Us page.